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Our 2022 Experts

The Experts in Ecuador

Graeme Dunlop


Expert ringer by the British Trust for Ornithology. His main interest in the UK is passerines. He has experience ringing in South Africa, tropical Africa, Gibraltar and Canada.

Guillem Chacon


40 years ringing in more than 50 countries. Professor in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. He coordinates ringing camps and directs two Bird Observatories in the Neotropics.

Graham Mortimore


40 years of experience. Ringer for the British Ornithology Trust since 1990. Former  Manager of the Red Scar Nature Reserve and Boilton Woods for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Sandra Díaz


Young Colombian ringer and biologist with experience in campaigns in Europe and various countries in America. Professor  at the Ornithology and Birding School.

Manuel Menéndez


Expert ringer with extensive experience in Europe, Africa and America for the main centers (EURING and SAFRING). Pioneer in methods of dissipation of capture myopathy.

Jessica Lafon


Professional degree in the field of environment. Assistant researcher in France. Also an assistant ringer, I started to learn in 2020. I wish to train more to pass the ringing license.

Gauthier Delmas


Ringer’s assistant and wildlife researcher in France. Passionate multi-taxon naturalist and photographer of the European fauna.

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